Monday, July 29, 2013



And so, my 3-week USA holiday ended a few days ago (July 26/27). I'm currently experiencing jet lag and vacation withdrawal symptoms; missing the sights and sounds of America and daydreaming all day long. I've gone to 9 states (IL, IN, KY, AL, GA, FL, SC, TN, WI) thanks to (tiring) road trips. I've experienced old-town living, the beach life, staying overnight in an inn (and getting little sleep because of the fear of being murdered lol), living in the woods in a log cabin with WiFi, ultra-windy days, and I've conquered my fear of heights via the Sears/Willis Tower glass ledge (1,353 feet above the ground yaw). One of the most memorable summer vacays ever! The next time that I'll fly to the US, I'll be paying for my own air fare and shopping lol. Til next time, America! Thanks for the awesome memories x

 P.S. I got my Timberland boots for USD12 from a thrift store in Evanston, IL. WHAAAAT?

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  1. Looks like u had fun in the US! Love the photos.

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