Friday, October 3, 2014



004 by fayeroco featuring outdoor decor

When I was in Year 1, me and some friends in school joked that once we step into Year 3, our whole wardrobe will be black. IT CAME MOTHER EFFIN TRUE. I mean, I've been into all-black outfits before LASALLE and actually tried wearing colours for my first and second years, but there was a colossus of schoolwork to be done and my priority was to graduate, duh, and not to ponder if stripes would look good with microflorals. Fuck dat shiet. Black, grey, and navy are the colours perfect for lazy dressers like ya girl.

I set my blog aside for over a year because I was really busy with my final year in LASALLE. And yep, I've graduated from college. The feeling is overwhelming. Being in Fashion is no joke, my darlings, but boy am I glad that it's over. Even if I neglected my poor blog, I have been updating my Instagram religiously. (Follow me: @fayeroco)

Anddd, if you're wondering about what I've been up to recently: I'm still funemployed but I'm currently doing freelance jobs for a graphic design company. I realised that it's better to brush up on my skills first than dive in head first into a full-time job. I'm grateful for the projects being given to me not only because I'm earning from them but cuz I'm learning as well. #earningandlearning


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